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 Post subject: MEDICAL PROCEDURES: Noise Induced Hearing Loss
PostPosted: 13 Nov 2008, 02:32 

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From: Dr Jia Cassidy, CMO, Forrest Outpost, Jun 3, 2158

// Infirmary -- Forrest Outpost //

Examination of Lt Robert Casey.
Complaint: hearing loss and distinct ringing after exposure to extreme noise during a firefight in an enclosed area.

In diagnosing this condition, Dr Cassidy used a slender stainless steel cylinder similar to instruments used for ages to look into the ear canal. Her reasoning was that while the tricorder would perhaps identify the problem accurately, but with our ultra-modern equipment that looks beneath the surface, it is increasingly easy to allow such technology to completely take over the doctor's ability to actually, visually, SEE an affliction. "Should we all be suddenly thrown back into the dark ages before tricorders, half the doctors with medical licenses will have no idea what a sore throat looks like, or an inflamed ear for that matter." [Dr Jia Cassidy]

Initially, Dr Cassidy performed a physical exam, "I'm gonna feel the tissue behind your ear. Tell me if you feel any tenderness or if it initiates any sound." She pressed very gently behind the earlobe and down his neck a short way. She looked at him expectantly, awaiting his response. "There," Robert said, "sounded like a bubble popping and everything became louder..."

After the physical exam, she made a visual exam of both the injured ear and the healthy ear with the instrument, and followed with a tricorder evaluation. Following is her diagnosis as explained to the patient.

"Inside the ear, quite deep inside, are little delicate hair-like cells that convert sound energy into electrical signals that travel to the brain. Exceedingly sudden or sustained loud sound damages these cells and they do not naturally regenerate. However, it is easily possible to stimulate the gene that controls the re-growth of the cells. I am going to take a sample of your blood. Introduce the stimulant into the serum and re-inject it and you should soon be hearing with clarity you have not enjoyed since before you discovered the volume control on your music system."

She used the following procedure to withdraw a blood sample:
'She drew a small packet containing another instrument from the drawer. Tearing the paper cover off, it revealed a small version of what looked like a hypospray. She pressed it gently against his inner elbow and within a few moments an audible click sounded. "See, easy," Dr Cassidy said. "If you'll return late this afternoon, I'll have the serum prepared and you will be eavesdropping on all kinds of conversations. Now do ya want a cherry or lemon lollipop, Lt?"

[excerpts from a JL by Lt. jg Robert Casey, Chief Comm. Officer, Forrest Outpost &
Dr Jia Cassidy, Chief Medical Officer, Forrest Outpost]

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