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Episode Two

PART 1 Introduction + Trivia Question

What two stars of “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” were married in real life in 1997?

PART 2 January / February Promotions and Awards

PART 3 OOC Feature

For this episode I got a chance to interview Mur Lafferty. She is a writer including writing for RPGs as she’ll explain, and a long time podcaster, and it was a real treat to get her on the show.

PART 4 IC Feature

This time we’re going to focus on the NX-05, the Yorktown, also known as the Fighting Lady.

<BREAK – ST MOVIE UPDATE From Red Shirt Girl >


The events from the Galaxy List for March + April.

PART 6 Guerilla Marketing Campaign

Last time we talked about using social networking. Now let’s talk about going a step further by talking face to face with people.

<BREAK – Contest >

PART 7 Contact Information & Trivia Question Answered

You can also call and leave audio comments on the voice mail line. It is NOT toll free, but rather a UNITED STATES number, please keep that in mind. That being said, I’d love to hear from you. The telephone number is:


Even if you just call and say your name and who and where you play, we’d love to have your feedback.

PART 8 Legal + Bloopers

All things ‘Star Trek’ are registered trademarks of Paramount Pictures; and their respective owners; no copyright violation is intended. This is a non-profit making organization: played, ran and administered by Star Trek fans.

This podcast is distributed on a Creative Commons, No-Commercial, Non Derivatives 2.5 Share-alike License. Make copies and/or spread the word, just don’t change it or sell it.

TFE Podcast Episode 2

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