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Episode Three

TFE Podcast | Episode Three | Show Notes

PART 1 – Trivia Question

How many screens were built into the bridge, for most recent Star Trek TV series, “Enterprise”?

To get the answer, listen to the show!

PART 2 – May + June Promotions, Awards and New Crew

If any were left out, PLEASE let me know, and they will be mentioned in the next podcast.

PART 3 – Interview

For this episode’s interview, I called TFE veteran Rachelle M., perhaps best known now as Commander Rece Morgan, Commanding Officer of the Yorktown. (Also, welcome to the TFE Staff!)

PART 4 – In Character Feature

This time, Dr. Jia Cassidy reviews the many features of the NX-04, the Challenger. (And again, welcome to the TFE Staff)

PART 5 – Star Trek Movie Update

Red Shirt Girl gives you the latest on some of the ships you can expect to see in the film.


Commander Morgan gives a summary of the events that happened on the Galaxy list during May and June.

PART 7 – TFE Podcast Contest

This time we have TWO WINNERS! Listen to learn more. We also have revised contest entry practices.

You still enter the same way, just send an email to our official email address. Tell us who you play, and what SIM. That will get you one entry into the contest. However, if in your email you mention what you have done to advertise The First Era, and bring in more players, you get three entries. That also applies to anyone who gives you credit when joining TFE. On the application page there is a section to list how you heard of TFE. If a new applicant puts your name in there, you get three entries as well. One winning entry will be selected to receive a prize and announced on the next show. All entries should be sent to our official email.

PART 8 – Contact Information



You can also call and leave audio comments on the voice mail line.

Or you can call and say your name and who and where you play.

It is NOT toll free, but rather a UNITED STATES number, please keep that in mind.

PART 9 – Credits + Legal

Host: Scott Snider

IC Feature: Kate N. (As Dr. Jia Cassidy)

Red Shirt Girl : Emily Snider

Fleet Plot Update: Rachelle M. (As Commander Morgan)

Extra Special Thanks To Suzy for all her help, ideas, and support. Couldn’t do it without you!

All things ‘Star Trek’ are registered trademarks of Paramount Pictures; and their respective owners; no copyright violation is intended. This is a non-profit making organization: played, ran and administered by Star Trek fans. This podcast is distributed on a Creative Commons, No-Commercial, Non Derivatives 2.5 Share-alike License. Make copies and/or spread the word, just don’t change it or sell it.

Total Time: 33:15 | Total Size 23+ MB

TFE Podcast Episode 3

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