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The First Era Podcast is dedicated to increasing the community spirit for all in the fleet. Feel free to visit the main page and join page! A podcast is basically a radio show, saved as an MP3 file and placed on the internet for all to enjoy at their leisure. You can play the show back on any MP3 player as our file is DRM free! Or, download and listen to it on your computer, either way, the file is provided at no cost to you! You can add us to your feed by adding THIS LINK to your RSS aggregator.

The First Era Fleet is set one hundred and fifty years in the future, and we take our cues from the television show “ENTERPRISE”. We have multiple SIMs, including a space station (Forrest Outpost), Three active NX class ships (Challenger, Yorktown, and Meridian), and one colony SIM, (New Darwin). When you join, you are brought up to speed by the academy, then placed on the SIM of your choice.

The Podcast focuses on the In-Character and Out-Of-Character events affecting the fleet. We have segments dedicated to detailing the various sims, listing recent promotions, and sometimes just throwing in some fun bits for all to enjoy. We have plenty of room for growth, and if you’d like to make comments, make an addition, or ask a question feel free to contact us at

Thanks for checking us out, and enjoy the shows!

-TFE Podcast Staff